Center Line Docking

Designed for recreational watercraft using three-sided slips, this simple and

effective system makes docking easier while protecting your boat and the dock.

Boat Well, Stay Centered.

Even the most skilled boaters have experienced challenges entering or exiting the slip – especially under strong winds or when winds are unpredictable. The Center Line Docking system keeps the boat centered providing a more secure and easier move in and out of the slip. 

Entering the slip too fast or being unable to quickly reverse thrust can cause significant damage should your boat come into contact with the dock. The system’s lines effectively slow the boat as it enters the slip and prevent the bow from coming into direct contact with the dock.

By distributing the impact force of docking over 4 points, the system significantly reduces the boat from contacting the dock upon entry. A clear benefit for the Marina, it is suggested that the dockmaster be informed prior to installation.

The all-in-one kit includes easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through a quick install that takes less than an hour. All components are designed for marine use and are built to last.